« I don't know why we're so happy and so blind ». Monkey Song is an ode to non-conformism and freedom that encourages everyone to discover their true nature, beyond the social gaze, and to realize that other freer and more atypical futures are possible. An electro base, a loud bass, a funky guitar, the track produced by Frédéric Lo and recorded with the help of touring musicians of Étienne Daho is a dancing, cheerful pop, designed to reconnect with the dance floors.

Mysterious beings come out of the water and attend an aerobatic session and a communion between a rider and a horse. Shot in scope and in slow motion on a magnificent wild beach of Camargue, the particularly careful images of the acrobat Mélanie Coumes, of the Camarkas equestrian theater, and of her horse Samuraï, exude a strong feeling of freedom and infinite possibilities. The presence of animals, the confrontation between the wild and civilization, are constants in the iconography of Hum Hum.

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